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NEWS/RUMOR:Hangeng to join Super Junior 5th album activities and Eunhyuk ar temporary Leader? 
"SJ is preparing for the 5jib,SM formally said that kibum's returning, and the exciting part is, SM had negotiate with hankyung,
joining in the preparation of 5jib, and formerly announce hankyung's r...eturn on the 5jib~! so,
except for kangin, 
all members will be up in 5jib~! after SS3 leeteuk and heechul will be joining the army for 2 months,
at that time eunhyuk will be the temporary leader~!"
Copyrite From Page Super Junior (Tht my admin page)
When One of Admin Tell Tht story I feel so happy Coz Ki Bum And Hangeng
Is going Back !!! But I sad too coz Teukie And Heenim Oppa Will go to
Army..I'll Miss Them Alot!!!!!
OMO..... Chaiyok2 SUPER JUNIOR!!

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